Build a foreseeable future with us.

It’s never too early to think about what’s to come. In a continuously changing world, being prepared makes a remarkable difference. We will handle your project as ours and then add the pieces together. The most important thing to us is to make you feel secure.

Our Simple Path


A well written objective is crucial to choose a Project, because it can affect every step of its life cycle. When you create a specific objective, you give yourself a bigger chance of achieving it because you’ll know precisely what we are working towards to.

Our vast eligibility of Projects can result on a vast outcome of possibilities. From retirement savings for your family, to a scholarship trust on any point of your lifetime, to building anything you have ever dreamt about.

Reach us, talk to us about your objective and your means to reach it. From now on, we are a team focused on making it come a reality.

Remember, this is a long-term Project and monitoring is a key to success. We will provide the right tools to make it easy and we’ll send the data periodically for you to be aware of the development of your project.

The Virtues

The High Level of Service to Cater

KENT's availability is essential for your Project to thrive. We will drive your growth strategy to achieve your objectives

The Brand

KENT has a remarkable reputation with a large number of trust companies, financial institutions and broad experience with estate and financial law. You will always know that you are talking with the most competent professionals.

The Innovation

KENT is constantly thinking outside the box and pushing the envelope, that’s why we walk the extra mile to surpass your expectations. We work every project as our own and that grant us the faculty to work with inventiveness and ingenuity.