Our Projects

Help preserve wealth for future generations. Consider KENT if you would like help transferring wealth to your family or other beneficiary through a trust; or, if you would like to potentially avoid probate—the legal process of distributing wealth after death—to maintain privacy and minimize estate-related costs.

If you decide to name KENT as your trustee or co-trustee, we offer objectivity, continuity, and experience in trust administration. As part of our fiduciary services, we will:

  • Administer the trust according to its terms.
  • Communicate regularly with beneficiaries.
  • Prepare required records, statements, and tax returns.

Whether you name us as trustee or prefer to name another in this capacity, you’ll receive the same tax-sensitive investment management.

A dedicated trust officer will be assigned to all accounts for which FPTC serves as trustee or co-trustee.

Personal Trust

At KENT we offer unrivalled experience of providing the solutions pension scheme managers and trustees need to ensure good management and governance, enabling them to meet their financial and regulatory obligations. Experience shows there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, and at KENT we work with you to develop tailored solutions meeting your organizational and scheme’s requirements, aims and objectives.


Pension Services

As one of Canada’s leading financial services companies, we take pride in making disciplined, purposeful long-term investments that support growth in the economy while helping Canadians reach their financial goals.

Our Investment philosophy guides an investment management process comprised of three key components: Discovery of your risk tolerance & capacity, formation of a customized asset allocation, and implementation of that allocation across multiple currencies and jurisdictions.

KENT has the unique registrations and ability to manage integrated investment portfolios that include accounts in Canada and the U.S. Many of our customers have lived and worked in Canada and the U.S. and have accumulated assets and investment accounts in both countries. It can be very difficult to locate an advisor that can oversee these investment accounts in the two countries, and many have had to work with an advisor on each side of the border. We create and oversee integrated cross-border investment portfolios that include all types of accounts in both Canada and the U.S.

Investment Management

Focus on meeting your personal goals while we take care of the rest. KENT will provide institutional custody, back office, administrative, and specialized accounting services for you— with personalized service and attention.

We offer a full-range of domestic custody services to support investment management solutions for endowments, foundations, government agencies, private investment partnerships and capital markets transactions. Our services are:

  • Asset safekeeping
  • Securities processing and settlement
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Online statements and account access
  • Proxy and corporate action processing
  • Daily cash sweep
  • Custom interfaces

Institutional Custody Services

KENT offers a broad range of mutual funds – from core to niche, and across asset classes and geography – so investors can find the right solution for any market condition. Our multi-boutique approach encourages innovation as each team utilizes its own management style and independent investment insights.

Our experienced administration team provides tailored services that help you increase efficiency and minimize your regulatory and business risks:

  • Complete fund compliance testing and reporting
  • Financial reporting, including statement preparation, filing and audit support
  • Expense management, including payments, budgeting and expense accruals
  • Fund board services, including agendas, minutes and resolutions
  • Tax and regulatory support services, including Blue Sky support

Mutual Funds Administration

KENT offers secured and unsecured personal loans. Our Lending Specialists will work with you to find a quick personal loan that suits your needs, budget and lifestyle. We offer personal loans online for you to get the money you need from the comfort of home while our Lending Specialists walk you through the loan process online or over the phone.

Have you been financially impacted by COVID-19? Call us to learn more about KENTS financial relief options

Do you find yourself thinking “I need money now”, but aren’t sure where to turn? If you need money and the bank isn’t an option, KENT’s quick and easy same day loans may be right for you. Call us and get the money you need from a responsible Canadian lender.

With us, you’ll get a simple application process and quick access to money, you could qualify for a personal loan in less than one day.

Personal Lending

You might feel that buying life and health insurance can be an intimidating process and brings many questions to mind. How much coverage do I need? What type of policy is right for me? Do I need other types of coverage?

Our experts are knowledgeable and will guide you through the process, answer any questions you may have and make things as simple and easy as possible. We can help you:

  • Understand your personal needs for life insurance.
  • Determine how much coverage is right for you and your loved ones.
  • Explain the different types of life & health insurance and how they best suit your unique situation.
  • Recommend a policy that is right for you based on your specific budget, goals, and how much coverage you need.
  • Suggest options and riders that will enhance your policy and tailor it to your exact needs.

Life Insurance

KENT has assisted thousands of customers improve their cash flow by recovering overdue accounts receivable.  Our debt management experts understand that part of your profits depend on the prompt settlement of your unpaid business to maintain a positive cash flow.

If you have past due receivables, and you are looking for professional debt recovery solutions, we can help no matter where the debt is located in Canada or United States.

Collection Services

KENT RRSP plan lets you defer your income tax until after you retire. Your contributions are invested an earn interest until you cash them in for retirement or other Projects. This is perfect if you are looking to:


  • Invest in a tax-sheltered vehicle
  • Reduce your taxable income
  • Save for retirement
  • Buy a home
  • Finance your education

Trusted RRSP’s

What sets KENT apart from the rest is not what we do, but how we do it. You’ll experience forward-looking expertise that elevates value every step of the way. We simply think differently and that produces innovative outcomes. Whether you’re a developer, investor, landlord or tenant, we are a partner who is invested in seeing you succeed.


What our experts can do for you?

  • Diagnosis and correction of situations before they become problems.
  • Take the work load off Directors.
  • Procure quality independent trades people.
  • Collect fee arrears.
  • Preserve or enhance market value.
  • Provide up to date accounting records.
  • 24-hour emergency service.
  • Ensure adequate insurance at the best rate.
  • Provide trust accounts subject to audit.

Property Management

At KENT we only use established expert linguists for our document translations. For many years, law firms, business, and government agencies throughout the country have relied on our document translation services.

For each translation Project, we review the text for specialties. We then use a professional translator with experience in the subject matter of your document.

The way we pair translators to Projects guarantees your translations use the best terminology for your field. And because our translators are native speakers, the text will reflect the cultural and linguistic nuances of the language.

Translation Services

As we increasingly live our lives online, it’s not too surprising that fully 68% of Canadians use online banking each week, compared to only 16% that step into a branch. Online banking is for consumers of all ages who enjoy the convenience of being able to carry out banking tasks whenever they’d like, 24/7.


Why online banking?

  • Convenience: There’s no need to wait in line or hurry to get there before the branch closes, and you can carry out most banking transactions at the comfort of your home.
  • Customer Service: We offer a dedicated personal banker who is available for much longer hours through live chat, email, or telephone support. On top of this, you can access non-personalized banking support around the clock for general questions and assistance.
  • Features: We support new finance tech tools like mobile cheque deposit, free online bill payments, and person-to-person payments.
  • Pricing: You can get all of the same services you need from an online bank, but without the fees, and enjoy higher interest rates as well.

Electronic Banking